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About Us


Our Story

Furaha Day Care Centre houses children with cerebral palsy, autism and downsyndrome. Furaha offers quality day nursing care, play, meals, sensory integration and occupational therapy. Furaha relies on donations to facilitate the Centre daily programmes.

Our Mission

To offer quality health care and social living for children, to empower the community with better knowledge and understanding; for exceptional children to live a comfortable life.

Our Vision

Eliminating stigma and discrimination,realizing the ability of exceptional children in the community to improve their health and well being.

Our Objectives

  • To provide special needs care and a loving, fun place for children abled differently
  • To provide occupational therapy for the children and medical care
  • To provide counseling to the children, parents, and community on cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and other neurological conditions.
  • To prepare the children for independence as they approach teenage.

Our Programmes

All children need food, love, health, play and education every day, yet many Kenyan children with autism, cerebral palsy and neurological conditions are forgotten in our communities and families. Furaha Day Centre has realized the need of these discriminated and hidden children whom no one wants to be associated with. These children are not finding happiness like other normal children. So we are here to speak up for them, offer them love and health support that they need.


Furaha Day Centre is situated in Meru County in the Republic of Kenya. This centre is takes care for children during the day( in a day care set up) and the parents are involved in the evening care so as to enrich their relationship in their families and for growth and development. It is situated in the locality where parents are able to access easily and offer their love to the children. The centre has clean facilities and environment that is conducive for the children support.

The Problem

Children are often neglected due to birth defects, resulting in poor health, malnutrition, and often are sexually abused too. Discrimination and stigma causes these children much psychological and emotional harm. Few organisations in Meru County help such young people and are not able to cater for every needy child.


The centre is equipped with special therapeutic room, physiotherapy section, counseling and psychotherapy room, classes, dining hall and other necessities. We want to build a permanent centre on our own land with space for diversified therapy activities, technical skills' training like vegetable gardens, carpentry workshop, tailoring/knitting, poultry keeping, bee keeping etc.


The centre is managed by a Director, Manager, and staff from the community. We welcome volunteers and university students to oversee the day to day activities of the center. We seek support from the well wishers, local business community and County Government for further help and assistance. We would also like to engage the Matatu Operators within Meru through their buses to assist us to freely transport the children to and from the Centre to their homes daily.


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Natasha, Mother

What makes you cry, so I can be the one to always make you smile

Joseph, Father

What makes you cry

Jackson, Custodian